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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 4, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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george stephanopoulos conducted with president obama which you can watch tomorrow morning on "good morning america" and find atia hao news. look for much more to come from our new partnership. thanks for watching abc news. tune in for "good morning america." we're always online at >> dicky: up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live." >> are you ready to abe tacked by hornets. >> i was in love with ronnie howard. you're looking at me like i'm craze i. >> music from blink-182 and ramon rodriguez. >> w ochlth o! >> jimmy: we're one step closer to a president diddy now who i by the
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phone could pull off? no, you look incredible. >> dicky: for more on the samsung, visit and tune in to see the performance of the winners of the samsung opening act contest. "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes with jane lynch, ramon rodriguez and music from blink-182. what bar do you use? i use the dove beauty bar. i use this bar. [ female announcer ] would you switch right now? please don't make me get in the shower. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] did you notice a difference? it feels a bit tight. i couldn't rinse enough. [ female announcer ] soap leaves behind soap residue that can cause a tight draggy feeling. dove cleansers rinse cleaner than soap. with its 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. this is my gift to you. [ laughs ] ♪
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[ sniffing ] ...something wonderful is as near as your nose. ♪ ♪ just pop up pop tarts. sprinkled with joy and frosted with fun... [ laughs ] ...they make ordinary extraordinary. [ cheering ] so you can make any day joylicious! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, jane lynch, from "charlie's angels," ramon rodriguez, and music from blink-182. with cleto and the cletones and now for the rest of the evening, here's jimmy kimmel.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. having you here with me tonight really makes up for all the proms i missed. it does. are you ready to be attacked by hornets? >> all: yes! >> jimmy: i mean are you ready to talk about ballroom dancing? i always mix those two up. i'm not ashamed to say i loved every botox and bedazzled second of it. 20 years ago who could have imagined one of the most popular things on tv would be people who aren't good at dancing dancing i was watching tonight and all i could think was, man, is in anything rob kardashian can't do? remarkable. ricki lake had the highest score
12:07 am
not only of the night but of the season, a 27. chaz bono on the other hand, chaz bono had a rough week last week. tonight i guess in an attempt to mix things up he changed back into a woman and danced with derek hough. still got the lowest score, still got an 18. to me and i'm not an expert. some of these lack fluidity. right? >> right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "dancing with the stars," i have an idea that could be huge. let famous animals compete on the show. the dog from "marley & me" is more of a celebrity than half the people on the list. the dolphin from "a dolphin tale." if heather mills could dance without a leg he could dance without a tail. andy rooney, maybe they could get him to dance. he ended a long and distinguished run of complaining.
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he's retired from his job at "60 minutes" to spend more time with his fiancee kourtney kardashian. 33 years is a long time to do anything let alone be on a television show so everyone was wondering what andy's final message would be. would he get emotional, get choked up. get naked? no one knew what he was going to do but i think what he did was poignant and really kind of summed him up both as a broadcaster and a person. >> now, once again, andy rooney. >> just let me eat my dinner. >> we'll be back next year with another edition of "60 minutes." >> jimmy: see that. [ applause ] >> jimmy: now he can every day at 3:00 in the afternoon. like him or not there's no one on tv like him. one of the old guys from the muppets come to life. while he can never be replaced i like what the producers of "60 minutes" decided to put in his
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seat. >> when i go to a good restaurant in new york for dinner i often slip a roll in my pocket as i'm leaving for breakfast the next morning. taking a roll at a restaurant, that's not stealing, is it? [ applause ] >> we'll be back next week with another edition of "60 minutes." >> jimmy: did you know his eyebrows haven't been plucked since 1964. a big protest going on called occupy wall street. hundreds of people have been assembling on wall street in new york every day for more than two weeks now. nobody though seems to be particularly sure what exactly they want. cnn called it a spirited and leaderless demonstration. they seem to believe that wall street has too much influence on the government, more than 700 protesters were arrested for blocking cars on the brooklyn
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bridge and, see, to me that makes sense. they say the best way to fight corporate greed is make random people sit in traffic on their way to visit aunt and uncle in brooklyn. similar protests and here in l.a. on wall street, one thing is clear. >> reporter: hundreds of activists, sometimes more, venting frustration over the direction of this country. unlike the tea party these protests lack a unified message. >> we're not going to take it anymore. >> what do we want? and when do we want it. >> all: now. >> what do we want? rl regulate wall street. >> and when do we want it? >> all: now. >> jimmy: at least they're passionate. rick perry had quite a weekend. "the washington post" uncovered
12:11 am
a bizarre family secret. a story about a racial slur painted on a rock that sat outside the perry family hunting ranch. they called the ranch by the name on the rock and in case you're wondering what the word on the rock was, we turn now to our nation's news teams to clear that up for you. >> rick perry is coming under fire all over the name of a family leased hunting camp. "the washington post" said it was called n-head. >> n followed by the word head. >> in the word head. >> the "n" word head. >> the "n" word head. >> n word head. >> n head. -- in head. >> in head with "n" being the "n" word. >> you might call us racists but it rhymes with the word bigger and ends with the word head. >> jimmy: i think you know what it is now but any kids watching the "n" word is a bad word that only snoop dogg and his friends
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use now. visitors to the ranch would apparently find it by looking for this rock that had the word painted on it. awkward for giving directionness town. go about six miles north and then you'll see a rock that says -- uh, never mind, you'll find it. the perry camp is claiming that rick's dad painted over the rock as soon as they signed the lease for the ranch but locals say that's not true. his campaign team spent a lot of yesterday doing damage control and releasing this photograph of rick and his brother tyler perry from -- of course, that's the -- you remember that movie. i think -- what was it called "me dia's extremely uncomfortable family reunion." only black person he knows is herman cain so it shouldn't be too uncomfortable. herman had a great idea. he's also running for president on the republican ticket on sunday cain told chris wallace of fox news when he's elected he
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wants to change "hail to the chief." he said it's time to freshen the song up and might put some gospel beats into that. finally a president who samples. we're one step close story a president diddy now. who i by the way mr. call presi-diddy. he also wants to change not only does he want to change the tune but the title of the song to "hail yeah to the chief." rick perry said, yeah, i love gospel music and the people who sing it. i like that we're more than a year away from the election and he's already talking about changing the presidential theme song. that is what's most important. cain said as president he will bring democrats and republicans together and i mean he was the guy who successfully brought pineapple and ham together on a pizza so don't be surprised if he's able to do that it seems like these presidential elections get nastier every time
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we go around. there's still more than a year left and the ads running are extremely polarizing and it's not even what they say but how they say it. for instance, this is an ad put out by the democrats to support obama. >> president obama took office three years ago promising real change. since then he's passed a $700 billion economic stimulus bill, pushed through the largest expansion of health care in american history and opened our military to gays and lesbians. re-elect president obama. >> jimmy: okay, and now here's the very same ad but this time with a conservative spin. >> president obama took office three years ago promising real change. since then he's passed a $700 billion economic stimulus bill, pushed through the largest expansion of health care in american history and opened our
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military to gays and lesbians. re-elect president obama? paid for by republicans. >> jimmy: you see at least they found some -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know, tiger woods is having a bad decade. he -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: for the first time in almost 15 years he is no longer ranked among the top 50 golfers in the world but still holes a record for having sex with the most waitresses named jamie. really, he just seems to have lost it. he hasn't won an event in almost two years. if he drops anymore there's talk he could be sent down to miniature golf which would be embarrassing. all i know, boy, oh, boy, did ilan get that divorce settlement at the right time or what. this is pretty crazy. a man named lafd lavoa was in an accident.
12:16 am
he was trapped in the car for a week before they found him. he managed to not only survive, he's okay, broke a few bones and dislocated his shoulder and his whole family including their daughter are relieved. >> the children of 67-year-old david lavau never lost faith he would be found alive. >> our family, we did what we did. >> jimmy: let's just pause there a moment. take note of the fact that this woman's name is chardonnay hooker. [ applause ] >> jimmy: an even more amazing story now. maybe he drove off the cliff to punish himself for naming her that. look out, tequila. you have competition. a video of a young woman practicing a dance. she made up a dance for the akon song "smack that." watch in the background for her crazy brother.
12:17 am
♪ see my shadows drive up in my lamborghini maybe go take tieb bow ♪ ♪ and bring me over smack that ♪ come on the floor smack that give me some more smack that ♪ ♪ smack that oh oh ♪ smack that get on the floor give me some more smack that ♪ ♪ till you get sore oh hoe ♪ ready to attack now [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: smacking him through the song "smack that." nice. get that kid on "dancg g with the stars," right? the apple corporation is holding a major media event tomorrow morning at which they're expected to unveil the next generation iphone. either that or they've brought a
12:18 am
dinosaur back to life. i'm excited about both. as usual thousands of rumors about what features the new iphone will have but tonight we're going to put those rumors to rest because we got hold of it. it's called the iphone 5. the rumor was they would call it iphone 4s and save afor next year. here with an exclusive detailed look on what to expect our own parking lot security guard/technology expert, guillermo. ♪ >> hi, guillermo here with my exclusive first look at the iphone 5. look, it look like the iphone quattro, but it's more thinner and when you throw it -- oh, my god, when you throw it, ooh, it come back to you like a boomerang. the new iphone 5. even has a real life saver.
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whoo-hoo. a aha. whoo-hoo. >> ow! >> sorry, man. >> [ bleep ]. >> also can put people's arms back on. like this. look. sorry, man. >> shut up. >> there's so many features with the new iphone 5. i give it a high-five. and you can eat it too. guillermo, i'm guillermo, back to you, jimmy! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo. how was it? >> good. >> jimmy: tasted good. all right. a great show tonight. from "charlie's angels," ramon rodriguez is here and we have music tonight from blink-182, and we'll be right back with jane lynch, so stick around. [ cheers and applause ]
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florida, alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there welcome back. tonight on the show a gentleman who plays bosley in the new incarnation of "charlie's angels," ramon rodriguez is with us. he's a handsome devil. and then this is their first new album in eight years, it's called "neighborhoods," blink-182 from the bud light outdoor stage. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: tomorrow night we'll be joined on the show by evangeline lilly, wow, haven't seen her since "lost," the latest eliminee from dancing with the stars, and we'll have music from mutemath. then later this week will arnett, antonio banderas, science bob pflugfelder, and the musical stylings of j cole and jane's addiction. so join us for those shows too. our first guest is a very talented woman who, when not
12:25 am
surrounded by singing teenagers, was busy writing this best selling book. it's called "happy accidents." please welcome jane lynch. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to see you, jimmy. >> jimmy: you did a great show hosting the emmys. congratulations. >> thank you. i loved theatrics with the other jimmy. >> jimmy: seemed to go smoothly. >> once you do the opening number that's the biggest bite of the night. i didn't do a face plant. i was -- it was like, okay, the rest of this is just fun. >> jimmy: because the thing is, the people in the audience literally don't care about anything but themselves. >> it's all about am i going to win, how do i look? >> jimmy: almost everyone in the
12:26 am
audience was nominated. >> it pissed me off at the same time. >> jimmy: the people at home. >> the people at home. >> jimmy: and weren't nominated. >> exactly. >> jimmy: no problems, nothing like that. >> the teleprompter went down toward the end and what if that happens and what if that happens -- and thank god for that. i would have woken up screaming -- >> jimmy: you could have your whole monologue and nobody knows why you're just staring but you're just staring. >> exactly. >> jimmy: congratulations on your book. "the new york times" best-seller. [ cheers and applause ] when you were young and -- younger, i'm sorry. >> thank you. >> jimmy: but like a kid young were there people that -- do you think that thought one day jane
12:27 am
will write a best-selling book. >> arthur andersen's resource department didn't think i would. after i did that i worked at arthur andersen and i failed it. >> jimmy: you failed english. >> i failed it. didn't know how to write a letter. >> jimmy: this is written entirely in english. >> a third grade level, jimmy. no, the reason that book is readable is because of my wife. i did my ramblings and run-on sentences and she was like, oh, and she went in there and made it readable. >> jimmy: does she do that for a living? >> no, she's a psychologist. she figured out i was a real hot mess. >> jimmy: were there things she didn't know about you. >> and she helped me a lot. it was like having a therapy session. why did you not wear a shirt until you were 15? used to ride my bike through the neighborhood like one summer too long where my mom was like, you have to put on a shirt. >> jimmy: you wouldn't have a shirt on. >> no, i wanted to be a boy. >> jimmy: what were you wearing,
12:28 am
nothing. >> nothing. like boys ride on their boys with their shorts and no shirts and you're looking at me like i'm crazy. i wanted to be a bo. >> jimmy: wow. >> dressed in my dad a clothes. i used to go into his closet and close the door and put on his clothes and pretend to be drinking a moore teeny. i wanted to be don draper in the mid '60s. halloween i purposely -- i was a pirate. i was a hobo. i was a ghost who wore a tie. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a normal ghost. >> i knew how to tie a tie before a lot of boys did. i was like 6 years old going windsor knot. >> jimmy: the last time you were here you told a great story about -- well, i shouldn't tell, let you tell about ron howard and -- ron howard everyone knows but anson williams was pot si. >> like all good closeted
12:29 am
lesbians in the '70s i was in love with ronnie howard. he was a safe guy. didn't have any body hair. it was -- [ laughter ] >> i mean he's all man now. but he was a very safe crush, you know, because he's probably not going to cut touch your -- >> jimmy: especially when you're on the bike. >> riding around with my shirt off but i wrote him -- actually i talked to them on the radio. i called in a call in show in chicago and asked for advice to be an actress. >> jimmy: how were you? >> 12. i was 12 and pot si, anson williams was there, as well and i wrote him a fan letter later and he kept writing me back. you know, like pictures of himself with like please write paramount studios. >> jimmy: this is real. >> yeah. i wasn't as interested in him. i was ronnie howard's girl. >> jimmy: you know. >> he was pretty good foxy as i
12:30 am
put in my scrapbook. >> jimmy: this is the actual handwritten letter from anson williams and i'll attempt to read along with this as we have it on the screen. hi, janie, good luck in your acting career. i'm sorry it's so late -- just got my mail. on 3 eye 4/785 i'll be singing on happy days. it had be a go big help to me if after the show you and your friends would write to paramount studios saying i like anson's singing. when will he sing again? thanks a million. >> he wanted me to pimp for him. i didn't do it. >> jimmy: you didn't. >> i didn't like his voice. he sounded like a lawrence welk -- i didn't like his voice. >> jimmy: the single most embarrassing thing i've seen written on paper. >> isn't it horrible and now it's in my book. >> jimmy: it's in your book. >> is he still around. >> jimmy: yeah, of course. i think he directs things now. >> oh, no, he'll never hire me now. burned that bridge. >> jimmy: yeah, wow, that's
12:31 am
something else. you've never met him. >> i never met him since 1972. >> jimmy: well, we have a surprise for you. >> ha, ha, ha. >> jimmy: i wish we thought ahead. >> ronnie howard -- ron howard was on msnbc and i was doing something on msnbc. he was on write before me and they said, do you know about jane lynch's book. he said my girlfriend? i was so thrilled that he took it so well. >> jimmy: but pot si on the other hand. >> he might be angry. >> jimmy: also in addition to your many talents i know you wrote some songs. >> oh, yes. >> jimmy: and were you serious about it. >> oh, totally. this was back when i was getting sober in the early '90s and then cliche ridden horror stories that i thought were quite profound and used them in a one-person show to great hi late. one was called a blood red tear stays my face and it was one cliche after another but my favorite one -- >> jimmy: you weren't kidding. >> i was totally serious and my
12:32 am
favorite was i gave you the gun to shoot me. [ laughter ] >> and basically i ripped off ducks in the wind. ♪ i gave you the gun to shoot me ♪ ♪ loaded it myself as much as i hate to change things i know the timing is right ♪ ♪ please get out of my sight >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that could be a country song, you know. >> yes. >> jimmy: we'll take a quick break here. jane lynch is with us. see her on "glee" and her book "happy accidents" is in stores. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, we're back with jane lynch. ramon rodriguez and blink-182 are still to come. i'm looking through your book "happy accidents." you have a photograph of yourself, your wife and your stepdaughter destroying the moral fiber. >> openly living the gay lifestyle. >> jimmy: are you enjoy being a stepmom? >> she's a really -- if you were to design a child for me because i'm a dog person, if you were to
12:38 am
design a child for me, you would design this particular little girl. >> jimmy: four legs and a long tongue and get water over everything. >> she's witty and ironic, still a child, a young person, she's somebody i really, really relate to. i don't really relate to young people very well. >> jimmy: got you. >> i like to be the young person and sometimes she lets me the baby. sometimes it's, oh, jane. >> jimmy: are you responsible. >> i'm not the best -- in terms of taking care and the feeding and all that sort of thing, i was writing -- >> jimmy: it's important. >> well, i found that out. i was writing that very book and she was off for cesar chavez day and we got up at 8:00 in the morning and lara was out of town. she went on one couch watching television and i was typing away doing the book and i looked up and we started at 8:00 in the morning. i looked up at 1:00 she was at the foot of my couch saying, i'm so hungry. oh, okay, so i mike beefed her
12:39 am
some pizza. but, yeah, and i was starving too. and we hadn't gone to the bathroom either, either of us. took care of that. >> jimmy: she doesn't do that on her own. >> it's so funny, if you don't tell them to do something, she's 10 so she thinks she's getting away with something. it's uncomfortable not going to the bathroom. >> jimmy: were you a good kid. >> i was a child of my culture. >> jimmy: besides riding around naked. >> my parents, grew up in t the '60s, it was that drinking culture and had those cocktail parties, it was crazy, we all started drinking at about 14, fre freshman year in high school. my parents were -- we were the party house. >> jimmy: did your parents know you were drinking. >> oh, yeah, we drank with them. i was 12 years old after my parent has a party. i was literally picking up cigarette butt out of the gutter and lighting it and my dad with the greatest pride said, she's out there smoking like a pro. [ laughter ]
12:40 am
he was so proud of me. >> jimmy: did you ever think of going pro? i mean -- >> i did go pro for many years. >> jimmy: or stick with the olympic type. >> i smoked for quite a while. >> jimmy: is your stepdaughter smoke sflg no, she will not. no, no, no. it's going to be different for her. how? she didn't know it was legal in the state. she didn't know that's something that -- you know, she just got over the gay thing. you're getting married. but anyway she's very happy. >> jimmy: she knows how. she could probably do it herself if she wanted to. >> shopping around. >> jimmy: great to see you. congratulations on the book. again it's called "happy accidents." it's out now and. tuesday nights at 8:00 watch "glee." back with ramon rodriguez.
12:41 am
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>> dicky: this week on "jimmy kimmel live," evangeline lilly, will arnett, antonio banderas, "science bob" pflugfelder, and the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars." plus music from mutemath, j cole, and jane's addiction. [ cheers and applause ] capital one's new cash rewards card
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>> jimmy: hi, everyone. hi. we're back. blink-182 is on the way like david doyle, bill murray and bernie mac before him, our next guest carries on a proud tradition of bosleys, and you can watch him on "charlie's angels" thursday nights at 8:00 here on abc. please welcome ramon rodriguez. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> guillermo. >> jimmy: you have the same last name. you're not related, are you? >> maybe.
12:51 am
maybe. >> jimmy: i don't think so. >> i don't know. there's a possibility. >> jimmy: last time you were here -- we played basketball the whole time. >> we did. we barely talked. >> jimmy: you're a great basketball player. >> i'm okay. >> jimmy: it turns out. i on the other hand am not. >> that night you proved to have some skims. >> jimmy: you started in the nike commercials doing -- >> i did. that's how i got into the business. i got in through basketball tricks. i was -- a friend of mine who would it that i'd say his name, bobita garcia, a cucumber slice, he's a deyeah. >> jimmy: justification. >> cucumber slice, slice, slice. so he called me out my window, ramon, you need to do some basketball tricks at this nike event. he told me they were giving away free nike sneakers so, done, i'm sold. i went and ended up winning the competition. i knew a couple tricks that i showed you some of the spin stuff and nike took me on board
12:52 am
and had me involved in a bunch of tv spots. >> jimmy: now here you are playing this role, the role original anywayed by david doyle. >> i mean look -- >> jimmy: it is remarkable. you're almost the same guy. it is like -- >> the same thing. they were like we need bosley. we need to call ramon rodriguez and bring him in. >> jimmy: did you know the original bosley. >> i was familiar with it because i grew up with three older sisters and they thought they were the angels and so i was forced -- i haven't have a choice. >> jimmy: so you would watch. >> i wanted to watch "transformers." >> jimmy: you didn't like watching "charlie's angels." >> no, i wasn't -- i was too into guns and blowing things up. >> jimmy: all right. so your sisters -- you had three sisters no brothers. >> three brothers in puerto rico, younger brothers in puerto rico. >> jimmy: so now you're on a show with all women. >> things haven't changed. same situation.
12:53 am
three women, and a big difference, though. i mean i grew up with four -- three sisters and my mom in a tiny apartment in the lower east side of manhattan in new york city. >> jimmy: you haven't convinced the other statistic actresses to move -- >> we're working on that now. it's close enough. we spend so much time together i'm on their cycle. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: a hell of a basketball trick. >> no, boy, you have no idea. >> jimmy: funny because i think about it. wow, it would be great -- you're the only guy in this cast, you know, working with those -- but then on the other hand might be horrible. >> i -- it's amazing. it's incredible. i'm forced to say that. they'll skill me. i'll get back i won't even get hair or makeup done. i'll get slaughtered by them. >> jimmy: shooting in miami. >> shooting in miami, yeah which is an interesting town. >> jimmy: have you lived there before. >> i've never lived there. i have avenue spent weekends there or four-day trips just to
12:54 am
get away from new york and never lived there and i'm lettering a lot. >> jimmy: are you? are you enjoying miami to its fullest. >> no. i mean we're working a lot. our hours are insane so you do this. you know what it is, it is just a lot of hours. >> jimmy: me and my angels, guillermo. we're always -- it's a nonstop party. >> so beautiful. i mean -- >> jimmy: we're in the hot tub. we're -- >> exactly. you're saving people. >> jimmy: that's right. >> i told you i wanted to do bosley's double and i wanted you to be my double. i wanted to do that. >> jimmy: doubles. >> got the angels. >> jimmy: you'd be without the angels there's no show. >> no, you're right. >> jimmy: you got to have the angels to -- normally when a basketball guy gets in acting we have "kazaam" but this is -- this is quite a thing for you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: drew barrymore hired you for the show. >> yeah, it was just -- i'm hanging out of my apartment in
12:55 am
new york city. by the way, the same apartment that i grew up with my sisters and my mom, been there for a long time. >> jimmy: are they still there. >> let me break it down. grew up in this tiny apartment. got a scholarship to play basketball, michigan, 14 years old. go away to michigan. come back from michigan, changed perspective completely. i mean you don't realize something until you kind of walk away from it. i never knew how small my apartment was until i went away to michigan and saw space and i saw trees and i saw like even my dorm room was bigger than my apartment so when i came back to new york city, i was like, this is not happening. >> jimmy: right. >> somebody's got to go. either one of you guys go, somebody has to leave and what ended up happening slowly but sure my my sisters left and i was with there with my mom. >> jimmy: you ee vecked your family. wow so that's -- >> that's the apartment there with all my friend, all my guy friends. >> jimmy: you replaced them. >> all my boys. we're watching some game, some
12:56 am
football game or something and my manager gives me a call and he goes drew barrymore wants to speak with you in an hour about "charlie's angels." yeah, right. like first of all drew is going to call me. for sure i'll wait. whatever you say. she calls. i have to excuse myself. all my fellows all the boys in the room and i have to go in the room and she completely kind of just -- she pulled a jedi mind trick on me. she was just -- the way most react when they hear bosley. what are you talking about. we want somebody that can be dramatic. somebody that can be funny and be the fourth angel. he's involved a lot and she -- i mean she completely persuaded me with her enthusiasm and energy and again -- >> jimmy: did she even have to per suede. couldn't she have called and said you're bosley and hung up the phone and you would have said okay. >> yeah. you're right. it's very true. let's be honest. but it was nice to say it was a 60-minute call. it went for awhile but she
12:57 am
probably could have said you're bosley, you have no choice. good-bye. >> jimmy: well, congratulations on the bosleyness and all -- "charlie's angels," watch it thursday night at 8:00 on abc. ramon rodriguez, everybody. we'll be back with blink-182. [ cheers and applause ] state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sigup for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back.
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>> jimmy: see them saturday at the hollywood bowl. it's their new album called "neighborhoods." here with their song "up all night." blink-182. ♪ ♪ ♪ everyone wants to call it all around our life with a better name everyone falls and ♪
1:01 am
♪ spins and gets up again with a friend who does the same everyone lies ♪ ♪ and cheats their wants and needs and still believes their heart ♪ ♪ and everyone gets the chills the kind that kills when the pain ♪ ♪ begins to start did i get this straight do you want me here as i struggle through ♪ ♪ each and every year and all these demons they keep me up all night they keep me up all night ♪ ♪ they keep me up all night
1:02 am
♪ everyone's cross to bear is a crown they wear on endless holiday ♪ ♪ everyone raises kids in a world that changes life to a bitter game everyone works ♪ ♪ and fight stays up all night to celebrate the day and everyone lives to tell ♪ ♪ the tale of how we die alone someday did i get this straight do you want me here ♪ ♪ as i struggle through each and every year and all these demons they keep me up all night ♪ ♪ they keep me up all night they keep me up all night they keep me up all night
1:03 am
they keep me up all night ♪ champi[ cheers and applause ] champion ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to thank jane lynch. i want to thank ramon rodriguez. i want to apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, evangeline lilly, the latest castoff from dancing with the stars and music from mutemath. this is their album called
1:04 am
"neighborhoods." playing us off the air with "after midnight" once again blink-182. ♪


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